TOP Credit + Fidelity Card

The importance of feeling special

To reward the loyalty of our users, we have created TOP Fidelity Card. You only need to buy products on TOP Shop website or participate to our TOP Official Tournaments to accumulate TOP Credit and win fantastic prizes from fromn our catalog. You can also receive more TOP Credits depending on the final position reached at the end od each tournament.

TOP Fidelity Card is your 'pass' to join our exclusive club and enjoy benefits that you can not receive from the others.

How to get TOP Fidelity Card

To access our Loyalty Program you must register first. Once you have entered your personal details, you will receive a UserId and a Password that will allow you to access your Private Area where you will find the number of your TOP Credits, information about products purchased, tournaments played, gift requested from our catalog, and much more.

Also, after registration, you will be able to retrieve your new TOP Fidelity Card at one of out TOP Official Tournament. Fidelity Card is strictly personal and can only be given to you.

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Loyalty Program

For every purchase, you will gain an amount of TOP Credits equal to the total purchased, rounded down, excluding shipping cost.

For every TOP Official Tournament, you will gain:

  • +5 TOP Credits: partecipation
  • +20 TOP Credits: Top 32
  • +30 TOP Credits: Top 16
  • +50 TOP Credits: Top 5-8
  • +100 TOP Credits: Top 3-4
  • +200 TOP Credits: Finalist
  • +500 TOP Credits: Winner

Useful Info

To TOP Official Tournament, bring with you your Fidelity Card: always!
Through this you can benefit from the services made available to you

To know the place where there will be next tournament and so withdraw your Fidelity Card, Click Here

TOP Series Rewards

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