Playmat: Volcanic Fallout IV Ed. 2014 (Cod. 000020)

Playmat produced by TOP for the fourth edition of Volcanic Fallout, during the italian convention Etna Comics 2014, Catania.


The artwork was realized by Stephen Daniele, recreating a new version of famous MtG card, Tolarian Academy!


This HIGH QUALITY playmat is made with polyester cloth surface and black open cell sponge rubber base and it's suitable for ALL card games such as MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Vanguard and moreard Games.

Our playmat protects your Card collection when playing or can be used as a mouse pad, keyboard pad, tablets, iPads, etc. pads. Can be framed as a wall decor or collections.


Standard size: 14''*24''*1/16''  (61cm x 35cm)

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