Michele Braschi, AKA "MIB"

Michele Braschi , aka " MIB ", comes from a country family back in autumn 1983 in Italy.

From an early age he developed a passion to paint, getting inspiration mainly from natural subjects, and over the years, after attending the Brera Academy in Milan for a short period and then having joined a Comic School in Milan, develops his personal style, made of funny and surreal characters, grotesque but never dull.

In the fall of the far 2014 he became interested in the world of Magic The Gathering at the suggestion of his friend Federico, a collaborator in the project MIB - MTG Alter.

This is how, out of curiosity, he started his first artwork. BOOM!! Success was immediate and requests were numerous. Month after month MIB developed more refined technique, emerging from other artwokers for the extraordinary quality of his work. The technique there. The imagination as well…what else ?