Custom Playmat

Usually for each player is very hard to find the perfect playmat; TOP Group can help you creating what you desire. We can make you a mat with your artwork and have it in your hands in about a week. We can print any quantity from one to many thousands, for any purpose. For any questions please contact us and we'll help you out.

Our mat measures 24 x 14 x 1/16 Inch (60,96 x 35,56 centimeters). Flexible quality rubber mat and handy, can be rolled to fit in backpacks or just simply hand-carried. They could be used for multi-purpose: playmat, mouse pad, keyboard pad, card mat, and work mat. It protects your valuable investment including your card covers or protectors from scratches from hard and rough surfaces.
We can make even large playmats with measures 36 x 36 x 1/16 Inch (92 x 92 centimeters), perfect for two players or video-coverage table.

Pricing is based on the number of mats per order and assume you will provide your print-ready artwork files. If you need help with layout and design, our graphic designers can help you prepare your files.


To cover all the needs of our users, we decided to offer bundles based on different amounts of playmat.

  • 1 Custom Mat: 50.00 €
  • 5 Custom Mats: 30.00 € each (total: 125.00 €)
  • 10 Custom Mats: 20.00 € each (total: 200.00 €)
  • 25 Custom Mats: 15.00 € each (total: 375.00 €)
  • 50 Custom Mats: 10.00 € each (total: 500.00 €)
  • 100 Custom Mats: 8.00 € each (total: 800.00 €)

For requestes with more than 100 playmats, contact us clicking here

Tournament Bundles

We also offer special discounts for tournament prizes, which are perfect for stores and tournament organizers.

  • 4 Custom Mats: 22.00 € each (total: 88.00 €)
  • 8 Custom Mats: 18.00 € each (total: 124.00 €)
  • 16 Custom Mats: 14.00 € each (total: 224.00 €)

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs depend on the number of playmat ordered, by country of destination and the speed of delivery.
For your order, to know exactly the shipping cost it's better contact us.